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Nystrom & Associates is a large mental health firm with over 60 locations in 5 states, specializing in counseling and psychiatry. When I joined their team in 2021 as a Visual Designer & WordPress Developer they had a WordPress website which didn't follow accessibility guidelines, UX best practices, and was not properly responsive for mobile devices. Scroll down to see how I tackled these challenges and improved their website's performance to drive business growth.


  • User Experience Designer
  • User Interface Designer
  • Visual Designer
  • WordPress Developer

Creating A New Visual Identity


Nystrom & Associate's current branding didn't represent its mission of empowering people to become the best version of themselves. Tangerine buttons and light blue text did not meet accessibility guidelines and caused some parts of the site to be rather hard to read.


Create a new design system and a redefined user interface that's features a soft, friendly, welcoming, and approachable design.

Nystrom Style Guidelines

Improving Users Ability to Find Providers


Based on user research and analytics, finding a Provider is the #1 task users seek to accomplish on the website. However, an outdated Provider section had a low engagement rate and was running on a plugin that was no longer supported.


Develop a new Provider section, using UX research, competitor analysis, visual design, and WordPress development.

  • Implemented call to action buttons, allowing users to quickly request an appointment.
  • Created custom filters for Provider locations, services, and specialties, allowing users to quickly find a Provider that meets their needs.
  • Added clinic information to each Provider's page, giving users quick access to clinic directions and phone numbers, another top task on the website.
  • Added links on services pages, which take you directly to a list of Providers offering that service.
  • Increased engagement time by 160%, resulting in a 8% increase in appointment requests.
  • Increased engagement rates by ~15%.
Nystrom & Associates Provider Archive page mockup
Nystrom & Associates Provider Single page mockups on mobile

A Better Way To Find Content


Nystrom & Associate's site has over 3,500 pages and lacked a site search feature, which means users had to page through content to find what they were looking for.


Develop a site search feature, which is both user-friendly and displays the correct content. Over 60% of users will leave a site if they can't find what they're looking for, so properly configuring the site search is vital to user experience.

  • Increased overall site engagment time and usefulness by using screen recordings to identify content that was missing from the site.
  • Partnered with the Marketing Coordinator to create pages for missing content. Popular queries included "insurance" and "finance".
Nystrom Site Search mockups
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