Kilo Strength & Performance

Roles: UX/UI Designer, Visual Designer, WordPress Developer

Project Overview

Kilo Strength & Performance is a Powerlifting gym in St. Paul. They did not have a website, which is critical for people wanting to learn more about the gym before visiting or signing up for a membership. As a member and powerlifter, this was definately a project I was passionate about.

Website Research & Planning


Kilo Strength & Performace opened during the Covid-19 pandemic, when restrictions were placed on gyms and gaining new members was challenging.

Competitive Analysis:

Most local gyms do not have specialized powerlifting and olympic lifting equipment, therby excluding these athletes. Many also have limited hours. Most of their websites also lack an optimized user experience.


Create a website which showcases Kilo Strength as a 24-hour member-centered facility, with an all-inclusive and supportive lifting community, where no one feels excluded.

Wireframes & Mockups

Kilo Strength Wireframes