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Animal Welfare League

The Animal Welfare League is a non-profit animal shelter and low-cost clinic on the Southside of Chicago. They operate soley on donations and government funding, therefore they hold several events to provide them with additional funding. New branding and print ads were created for The First Annual Dog & Cat Show.

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Every day we are saving animals and helping them through our adoption programs, low-cost clinic, animal cruelty investigations, and public education programs. We have made great progress but so much more work needs to be done.

-Emily Raimondo - Vice President

The Animal Welfare League had an outdated black and white hand-drawn logo. The new branding features a cat, dog and a heart, as well as bright colors and a playful font. The overall theme shows how much they care about helping & saving animals. Ads featuring cats and dogs with bright & colorful backgrounds stood out in comparison to the typical white background style imagery.

Animal Welfare League - Magazine Ad
Animal Welfare League - Business Cards